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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Debt Consolidation | Reorganization | Foreclosure | Tax Debts

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also called debt consolidation or reorganization, and it can be a good option for those with regular income who are having trouble keeping up with the regular monthly payments, facing foreclosure or who owe past tax debt.

Our Massachusetts bankruptcy attorneys will review your case to make sure all your assets will be protected and that you qualify for this type of relief so you can get a “fresh start”.

Chapter 13 allows homeowners facing foreclosure to bring their loan(s) current by paying the past due amount over 5 years while remaining current with regular future payments. When your home is worth less than the amount you own on your 1st trust deed, we can eliminate your second or third trust deeds while still in most cases eliminating your unsecured debt.

Chapter 13 allows the repayment of most tax liabilities to be paid back penalty and interest free. In some instances automobile liability can be reduced to the vehicles fair market value.

Immediately upon filing you get an “automatic stay” that stops creditor actions including foreclosure of your home, lawsuits, garnishments, potential repossessions and harassing creditor telephone calls.

There is one hearing that you must attend. Our office will provide you an attorney at the hearing. You will receive a detailed explanation of what is required to be paid before your hearing. There is a confirmation hearing held afterwards which client(s) do not need to attend. These hearings are for the judge to approve the terms of your reorganization.

Our bankruptcy attorneys will determine whether Chapter 13, or some other form of bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy option is best for you.

We will review your income, assets, debts, health, future income prospects, retirement plans, propsects of inheritances, and business assets and other factors to determine whether Chapter 13, some other form of bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy options are best for you.

Contact the Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys at Esher Rossi to schedule a consultation at any of our convenient locations including downtown Boston, the Boston Metrowest town of Framingham, and our Provincetown, Cape Cod office.

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