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How do you start the personal bankruptcy process in Massachusetts?

Personal bankruptcy is commenced by an individual filing Chapter 7, 11, 12 or 13. The most common is Chapter 7. The debtor is allowed to exempt certain property from liquidation by the trustee. The list of exempt property includes homesteads, household furniture and furnishings, jewelry, clothing, interests in an automobile, tools of the trade, pensions, insurance policies, a “wild-card” or “grubstake” exemption of $15,000.00, and other assets. Individual states are allowed to “opt-out” of the federal exemptions and provide their own lists. Exemptions can thus vary widely from state to state.

The personal bankruptcy attorneys at Esher Rossi will discuss your financial restructuring options. Our personal bankruptcy lawyers serve all of Massachusetts including downtown Boston, the Greater Boston MetroWest region, Cape Cod and the cities of Boston, Cambridge, Cape Cod, Framingham, LowellNewton, and Worcester.

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