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TelexFree Class Action Suit


The TelexFree bankruptcy case is filed and will be heard in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, United States.

The Honorable Judge Hoffman of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has extended the deadline for creditors to file their proofs of claim against Telexfree and it’s affiliates.

The Boston, Massachusetts law firm of Bostonian Legal Group is now accepting new claims.

Please fill out the claim form below to determine if you qualify to join the Class Action suit. Submitting this form does not establish an attorney client relationship. If we believe you qualify, the Bostonian Legal Group will contact you.

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Information about your investment

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What is your user name?

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Information about TelexFREE

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Please provide any other information that you think may be helpful to submit your Claim:

 I would like to join the Class Action Suit against TelexFree for monetary damages and financial loss of investment. I understand submitting this form does not establish an attorney client relationship with our firm.

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