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What else do I need to do to discharge debt in Chapter 13 bankrtupcy?

Additional Information:

I’m about a month away from completing all of my payments under my Chapter 13 repayment plan. I also did the debtor education course already and finished it. When that is done do I have to do anything else to get my discharge of the debts I didn’t have to pay back?


The Chapter 13 discharge is not automatic.  You must file a motion with the court.  If you have completed all of your payments under your Chapter 13 plan and attended and completed you debtor education course, you can file a motion with the court for your discharge, known as a “Debtor’s Certified Motion for Discharge and Notice of Deadline to Object.”  As the name of the motion suggests, the filing of the motion starts the clock ticking for any creditor who wishes to object to the entry of an Order granting your discharge. The creditors have 21 days to object. 

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