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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy | Credit Card Debt | Mortgage and Foreclosures | Medical Bills

If you have large amounts of unsecured debt like medical bills, credit card debt, court judgments, repossessions and other debt you are unable to pay, or if you are trying to buy time before walking away from your real property encumbered with a 2nd deed of trust or other secured line of credit, Chapter 7 may be the right form of bankruptcy for you.

Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys will review your case to make sure all your assets will be protected so you can get a “fresh start.”

A review of your assets, debts, income and other qualifications will be examined to make sure this form of bankruptcy is your best option. If Chapter 7 is your best option, a completed bankruptcy petition will be prepared and filed with the court. You will have one appearance you must attend in front of a bankruptcy Trustee. The Trustee will verify your paperwork is complete and that you have no assets that can be taken away from you and sold to pay creditors. The examination usually takes less than five (5) minutes. Our bankruptcy attorney will appear with you at your hearing to assist you with the process.

After you retain our firm, you can refer all creditor telephone calls to us. Once your case is filed, each creditor listed will receive a notice from the bankruptcy court that you have filed a case. Immediately upon filing you get an “automatic stay” which prevents creditors from continuing with lawsuits, foreclosure, garnishments, repossessions and harassing telephone calls.

Our Massachusetts Chapter 7 attorneys will guide you through the entire Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy process and be available to you to answer any questions.

There are two courses you must take to be a Chapter 7 debtor. The first is taken before you file and the second after your hearing. These classes can be taken on line and cost a nominal fee. Class information will be provided to you by the office.

At the conclusion of your case, all your dischargeable debt is eliminated. The only debts not usually eliminated are most taxes, secured debt where you keep the property (cars, homes, etc.), student loans unless there is an extreme hardship, and domestic obligations.

You circumstances are unique and Bostonian Legal Group’s attorneys will help you determine whether Chapter 7, or some other form of bankruptcy or non-bankruptcy option is best for you. We look forward to making your case our priority.

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